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Silesse™ for ostomy skin care

“39 years of sore skin...completely gone!” Jenny, UK ostomate

Designed to reduce or eliminate redness and irritation, Silesse™ protects your important peristomal skin in just a few seconds. Used at every pouch change, the soothing and hypoallergenic Silesse™ wipe (or spray if you prefer) creates a very comfortable and durable barrier between your skin and the pouch wafer. Unlike most skin barriers, Silesse™ contains only skin-friendly silicones and it will not ‘build-up’ on your skin with regular use.

  Order a sample and feel the difference after only a few pouch changes.

Your skin
As an ostomate, it is vital that you take good care of the skin around your stoma (peristomal skin).  You are required to cover the peristomal skin all day, every day with an adhesive pouch wafer and it is essential to maintain a good seal between the stoma appliance adhesive and your skin.  Your pouch adhesive is almost certainly a hydrocolloid and will seal well against skin…if the skin is in good condition.  An episode of damaged peristomal skin can have serious consequences.

When you remove an adhesive pouch from your skin, you are probably stripping cells from the outer layer (called the stratum corneum).  This layer (although consisting largely of dead skin cells) is important and provides a physical barrier.  If it is damaged, your skin may become red and irritated from direct contact with adhesives and body fluids.  In more severe cases, it can even lead to breakdown.  By maintaining the condition of your peristomal skin, you are reducing the risk of redness, irritation and possibly more serious damage.

In a 2009 published article, Natalie Steele (a specialist UK nurse) said:
‘It is important that an effective skin care protection regime is in place. Not only will this assist with the atraumatic removal of the appliance but also the use of barrier films will protect delicate peristomal skin from degradation as a result of urine and faecal leakage.’

‘Since the adoption of Niltac™ and Silesse™ as part of urostomate’s daily routine, both the overall skin condition and patient comfort during appliance changing has greatly improved.’

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Ostomy Skin Care - Ostomy Skin Protection & Peristomal Skin Care

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