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Silesse™ for continence skin care

If you are living with a bladder or bowel control problem, you probably already know about the damage it can cause to your skin. Included as part of your clinical management, you can experience improved comfort and skin care with regular use of Silesse™.

Continence pads
Pads are the most common method of managing incontinence. For some patients, incontinence skin care can be an issue. Although modern products are designed to draw body fluids away from the skin, redness and damage can be caused if faeces or urine remain in contact with skin.

‘Nappy rash’ is easily prevented and treated with regular applications of Silesse™ Sting Free Skin Barrier, either in a soft wipe or gentle spray. Silesse™ dries quickly to form a hypoallergenic protective silicone barrier, preventing direct contact with body wastes and reducing the risk of painful skin damage. Use at every change for continuity of protection.

Silesse™ contains only skin-friendly silicones and it will not ‘build-up’ on your skin with regular use.  The Silesse™ formulation has been carefully developed for quick use – it dries in seconds and does not bond skin tissues. Holding skin tissue apart while your skin barrier dries is no longer necessary.

Order a sample here and feel the difference after only a few pad changes.

Male urinary sheaths
Self adhesive penile sheaths are secured using a strong adhesive. It must resist backflow of urine, keeping the continence appliance in place in all conditions.

When the penile sheath is removed, it will usually strip skin cells from the outer layer (called the stratum corneum).  Damage to this protective layer exposes the skin surface to direct contact with strong adhesives and urine, increasing the risk of redness and irritation - and possibly leading to more serious dermatological problems.

Silesse™ contains only skin-friendly silicones designed to maintain the stratum corneum and prevent skin breakdown, damage or irritation.

Try a perfect combination
Silesse™ protects +  Niltac™ removes

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