Skin barrier cream - Silesse

Clinical Benefits

100% silicone Sting Free Skin Barrier

For the protection and treatment of intact skin, ’at risk’ skin and sore skin

Skin care often plays a vital role in overall patient care. It forms an integral part of care across a wide range of therapy areas, especially where a patients’ skin is vulnerable, such as neonatal care and elderly care. Therapy areas include:

Wound care
Ostomy care
Continence care

Skin damage can occur as a direct result of prolonged contact with body wastes and medical adhesives. Silesse™ creates a durable silicone protective film in just a few seconds, dramatically reducing the risk of skin damage and increasing patient comfort (as well as improving Quality of Life).

Recent developments in silicone technology have significantly improved skin care and now enable the combination use of silicones to:

protect - Silesse™

remove - Niltac™. Click here to learn about Niltac™ 

Traditional skin barriers incorporate a range of ingredients which can include alcohol, petroleum and acrylate terpolymers. These are now superseded with the introduction of new, 100% silicone formulations, ensuring protection with skin-friendliness.

Silesse™ is 100% silicone

No alcohol, no latex, no acrylate terpolymers, no parabens, no water, no organic compounds. Only silicones, carefully designed to provide a skin barrier, for use by patients or Healthcare Professionals. Silicones have a long and safe history of use in topical applications (health care, cosmetics & beauty, hair care etc).

Silesse™ contains only a blend of silicones

Silesse™ does not sting on application
Traditional skin barriers are usually astringents; which draw moisture from the skin and can cause damage and pain to the patient. They can carry an increased risk of sensitisation or irritation and can therefore contribute to skin problems. Silesse™ offers the Healthcare Professional the choice to effectively protect skin without the risks associated with traditional skin barrier formulations.

Silesse™ has a soothing effect, so compliance with skin care protocols is often improved.

Silesse™ dries fast
Sometimes, speed is essential. A fast pouch change can be important when, for example, the patient has a very active stoma.

   Silesse™ is designed to protect quickly, with just a few seconds drying time.

Silesse™ will not ‘build up’ on the skin surface
Many skin barrier products dry to form a ‘varnish’ on the skin surface. This can build up, layer-upon-layer, with repeated use. After several applications, it may be necessary to mechanically remove barrier residue by ‘picking’ with finger nails or tweezers. Clearly, this is not ‘skin friendly’, as cells from the protective stratum corneum are removed during this process.  It is also time consuming and often painful to the patient.

Silesse™ creates a consistent barrier film – every time - without any risk of build up.

Silesse™ will not bond skin tissue
A skin barrier that sticks skin tissue together can be very time consuming for a Healthcare Professional. It is necessary to hold apart skin tissues until the product has completely dried. Failure to do so, may result in iatrogenic injury to skin which you were seeking to protect.

Silesse™ is designed to protect without bonding skin tissue together, saving time for the Healthcare Professional and removing risk of damage.

Silesse™ can be used to increase adhesion
The results from international evaluations demonstrate that  Silesse™ improves appliance adhesion for over 1/3 of patients.

Increase adhesion or not - it is your choice

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