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About Silesse™

Q. How is Silesse™ supplied?

A. There are two presentations of Silesse™:
                        TR 103 – carton of 30 soft wipes
                        TR 104 – 50ml gentle spray

Q. Does Silesse™ contain alcohol, preservatives, fragrances or latex?

A. No.  Silesse™ is a blend of 100% silicone ingredients.

Q. Does Silesse™ contain organic compounds or water?

A. No.  Silesse™ is a blend of 100% silicone ingredients.

Q. Does Silesse™ contain acrylate terpolymers?

A. No.  Silesse™ is a blend of 100% silicone ingredients.

Q. Is Silesse™ flammable?

A. Yes. Silesse™ has a long history of safe use and will only combust if safety instructions are ignored or the product is mis-used. The accompanying labelling and Instructions For Use provide warnings and cautions, and the product carries the appropriate flammable warning symbol.

Q. Is Silesse™ available where I live?

A. Please e-mail CIC@convatec.com  for details of your nearest supplier.

Q. How long will a can of Silesse™ last?

A. It is impossible to be accurate, but as an example, one single spray can be used to protect an area of approximately 40 sq/cm. There are over 200 sprays in each 50ml can.

Q. How does Silesse™ work?

A. The protective barrier is suspended within the fluid. As the fluid rapidly evaporates, the barrier bonds gently to the skin surface, creating a fine, durable, protective silicone film.

Q. Is Silesse™ CE marked?

A. Yes. Silesse™ is CE marked in accordance with EU directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices.

Q. Is Silesse™ biocompatible?

A. Yes. Silesse™ is manufactured from silicone formulations and the safety and biocompatibility of silicones is well understood and widely published.  These inert substances are extensively used in many medical device and skin care applications.
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Q. Will Silesse™ sting?
A. No. The formulation is a 100% silicone blend. Silicone blends do not sting on application, even on sore skin.

Q. Can Silesse™ be used together with Niltac™?
A. Yes. The combination use of Niltac™ (to remove) and Silesse™ (to protect) is very popular. Combination users report very successful results and improved skin care. Read a published combination study here.

Q. Does Silesse™ improve the adhesion of my next appliance?
A. The results from international evaluations demonstrate that Silesse™ improves appliance adhesion for over 1/3 of patients.

Q. I have sensitive skin. Can I use Silesse™?
A. Sensitivity to silicones is extremely rare. It is used in many areas of healthcare including dentistry, topical and oral medications, advanced wound dressings. It is also widely used in formulations of many beauty products (moisturisers, shampoos etc). Silesse™ is hypoallergenic.

Q. Will Silesse™ dry my skin?
A. No. Silesse™ is a moisturiser.

Q. Was Silesse™ tested by patients before it was introduced?
A. Yes. Thorough evaluations were carried out before and since introduction.

Q. Are the ‘Instructions For Use’ available in different languages?
A. Each individual pack contains ‘Instructions For Use’ in the 12 EU languages.

Q. I have a stoma and my skin itches underneath the wafer. Can Silesse™ help?
A. Frequent removal of adhesives can strip cells from the outer layer of your skin (stratum corneum) and reduce protection. This can lead to redness and irritation. Protecting your peristomal skin with Silesse™ reduces the risk of damage and may therefore reduce your itching.

Q. What is the cost of Silesse™?
            A. Silesse™ is usually reimbursed through a prescription or insurance system.

  • Where reimbursement exists, it is supplied at no (or very low) cost to the patient.
  • Where it is non-reimbursable, please check the price with your local distributor. Daily treatment is relatively inexpensive.        

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